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Cremation Services

Partitioned Cremation : is a hybrid between Group and Private. Multiple animals are placed within the unit but separated by a small barrier or space, but they are separated so that the remains from each can be collected separately.


Private Cremation : Your pet will be alone in the entire cremation chamber.

In BOTH cases, you will get your pet's ashes back and ONLY your pet's ashes, no one else's. 

Starting at $99

Residential Pickup

Deceased pet pick up:starting at $95. You may also deliver your loved one to your facility at no cost to you.


Your loved ones cremains will be returned to you in a temporary container. Should you decide to purchase an urn, your pet will be returned to you inside of the urn.


Veterinarian & Humane Society removal is complimentary within our markets.

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Memorial Products

Urns : A wide selection of customizable funeral urns for sale, catering to all interests, style preferences, and budgets.


Clay Paw Prints: Like a child’s handprint, clay paw print molds capture the unique markings of pets’ paws.


Custom Laminated Bookmarks: Keep your loved ones memory alive on a bookmark. It will feature your pet’s name, their picture (of your choosing), and a fitting poem in honor of your loved one.

Starting At $25

NAtional Delivery

NAtional Delivery

We Ship our urns Nationally in the USA

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